Kia ora. Everyone calls me Billy. I am a writer, musician, film-maker, and life coach living in Wellington, New Zealand. I am currently living my own genius by writing and creating art in various mediums, and helping others discover their genius. I take clients locally, and worldwide via Skype.

I have a BSc (Hons, First Class) in Psychology from Victoria University. After graduating with that, my brother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and I spent the next decade as a caregiver looking after him. While tragic, this was an extraordinary character-building life experience. Furthermore, it gave me an unparalleled opportunity: after being trained how to research, think critically and teach myself to a rigorous academic standard, I was free to research and educate myself in whatever way I liked.

For a decade I taught myself many disciplines, from economics, politics, international relations, to molecular biology, physics and technology, business, high performance sports, as well as history and philosophy and so on. Now I possess many mental toolkits and perspectives. My particular fascination throughout was the field of consciousness, the great mystery of our time, and I studied this from many perspectives.

My late teens and early twenties were lost to massive depression. In healing from this (without being medicated) I also explored a huge range of personal change methodologies, from meditation to yoga to tai chi to NLP to mysticism and more esoteric paths, to a vast range of self-help material, working out from experience what was effective.

So my coaching is backed by a decade of independent research into consciousness, language, belief and the nature of reality; the human mind and how to change it. I have written two manuscripts in this area. The first is a lengthy theoretical work about consciousness (an early draft of which placed third for the 2009 Ashton Wylie Unpublished Manuscript Award). Next was a practical work, synthesising a system of self-change based on my decade and more of research and practice, which forms the underlying basis for my coaching.

After my brother passed away I made a feature length documentary, teaching myself the entire process, directing, producing, editing, and shooting. Then I travelled around the world, experiencing many countries, cultures and continents, with a focus on non-European, non-English speaking cultures.

On returning I thought about the state of the world and what I can do to make a difference. I realized that coaching – connecting people to their genius and supporting them to excel, and achieve all they can – is the best means for me to help others and the world. After synthesising the best of coaching practice with my own insights, I started practicing in 2013. After being asked to perform a wedding ceremony, I have also become an Independent Marriage Celebrant.

After watching my brother die young I know there are no guarantees in life. We have to seize the opportunities we have. I am passionate about seeing what people can do.

If you have the genuine need for change, I can help you gain breakthrough insights which will let you confidently take decisive action to transform your life into one you love.

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