Life coaching, life hacking, and engaging with a changing world – introducing the live your genius blog


Life coaching, life hacking, and engaging with a changing world are the themes of this blog. This phrase captures a nexus of my interests, and, hopefully, yours too.

What do I mean by each of these themes?

Life coaching is about understanding ourselves better, becoming more aware of ourselves and the world, gaining perspective on what we are doing and the outcomes we are achieving, and how to live more congruently and joyfully by bringing our inner and outer worlds into alignment. This process is something we are all responsible for in ourselves – our lives are our own – but sometimes we seek external help in the form of a coach.

Life hacking is about simple practical actionable tools, tricks and tips to make your life more awesome. Health, fitness, ageing, productivity, organisation, technology – all of life can be hacked, tweaked and improved!

Engaging with a changing world (or: adaptation) is more relevant than ever. The world today is complex and changing fast. Getting a lucid grasp on that change and complexity so that we can orient ourselves and act within the changing world is vital. Change brings stress. What areas of our experience of the world are changing the most and causing the most stress? These will likely be subjects we talk about under this theme.

Ultimately, what happens to us does not determine our experience – our attitude to what happens to us does. So this theme includes working with our inner attitudes and habits of mind to deal with complexity and change. Also, as more information than we can possibly know is being produced every year, this theme will address useful ways of thinking about the world.


What links these three themes is the importance of an inner compass – a way to know what matters to you, which allows you to focus, make decisions, and act. We need to be tuned in to who we really are and what really matters before we can achieve anything we truly want. And that is what living your genius is about. All coaching seeks to enhance this capacity in coachees; and so will this blog.

As a blog, all of these themes are fair game. Some posts will focus on one theme, some a combination, some all of them.

Within these themes, what would you like to read about? Leave a comment and let me know!

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