I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that I got the contract that I was going for. I’m really stoked about it! It really ticks all the boxes for me in terms of working with great people and doing high quality work for a good purpose! I’m feeling happy with the decisions I’ve made to get me to this point, and a bit of luck always helps. Thanks for your coaching – I wouldn’t be here without you.


(This was sent in email following our first session together, reproduced with permission.)


What the hell kind of voodoo magic do you practice?

I woke up this morning with amazing clarity and a completely new outlook on life. Jesus. What a waste of the 19 months I’ve spent feeling sorry for myself.

I know what I want to do now.

So thank you for whatever spell you cast.


I don’t want to lose myself ever again.


I tried two life coaches before Billy, both of whom I was unhappy with. Working with Billy as a life coach is the first time I have felt comfortable exploring my ambitions in that setting. Billy has a very calm and nonjudgemental air, and is very good at asking the right question at the right time. He is open, receptive and patient in the way you hope a life coach would be. I also feel he didn’t bring preconceived ideas to our sessions but was open to whatever turned out to be right for me. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


I approached Billy in a state of ennui and feeling dissatisfaction in
my life. A startup company I was the CTO of had collapsed 6 months
prior, and while I’d found a new job easily enough – a job doing some
interesting things and with some talented people – there were other
aspects of my life that had become stale due to the heavy emotional
and time investment into the startup.

Billy helped me tease apart conflicted desires, and asked questions so
that I better understood my motivations. What did I really want? Why
did I want those things? These were not the questions he directly
asked, but they were the core of what I came away with more certainty

There is no judgement about your desire or goals, rather a gentle
curiousity investigating why they are there and how to make them come
into fruition.

By the end of the sessions (over a period of 6 months) I’d gone
through a number of life events and transitions:
– I moved from a apartment causing me distress to a house I love being in.
– I traveled to the Netherlands to see extended family I hadn’t seen
since I was a kid, and went to a technology event I was excited to
– I started building and exhibited a complex light-based art work at a festival.
– I changed jobs to one that offers new challenges, the potential to
experience more international travel, and more freedom.

In conclusion, I warmly recommend Billy as a life coach to anyone who
feels a little bit stuck or dissatisfied with where they are at and
are wondering “where do I go from here?”


When I began working with Billy, I had reached a very low point in my personal outlook, and it was but by chance that we began discussing the possibility of working together.

Billy’s approach of seeking to understand, and grasp the internal mechanisms within me, meant that I was readily able to be transparent with him. This meant that our conversation and its fruits could take immediate effect in the larger scheme of my life.

The fact that he affirmed that he enjoyed this process, made me feel safe in my vulnerability during the times that it surfaced. His honesty at these times was reassuring.

Through conversation, we navigated my struggles and the underpinning issues, which enabled me consciously extend, with improved self-awareness, into the situations that triggered behaviours that resulted in negative experience. Later reflecting on these recurrent themes, with Billy alongside, meant that I have been able to recognise and alter my patterns of behaviour and affect legitimate change.

My life is still far from perfect, but I move with a stronger sense of empowerment in my relationship to the world in both my career, and personal relationships, since having worked with Billy in 2013.

At the conclusion of our ‘cycle’ – as we coined it – Billy wrote an astoundingly insightful, and blatantly truthful report, which included my original goals, and summaries of my life-situation and personal progress, plus recommendations for “intervention points” ie. continued one-to-one support in person. (I don’t reside in Wellington.) This document is invaluable to my self-understanding and personal reflection.

Billy is a professional, sincere, deeply authentic practitioner, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for engagement in work of a personal nature.