What Is Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Life coaching allows you, in a safe and confidential environment, through a process of gentle inquiry, to come to deeply know yourself and discover new possibilities for who you can become.

Essentially there are four steps to achieving what you want in life:

        1. knowing where you are at in all areas of your life

          (physical, mental, emotional, financial, habits, spiritual etc);

        2. knowing where you want to be at in all areas of your life;
        3. figuring out how to get from a) to b), and;
        4. doing it.

Each of these steps has its own challenges. Coaching may focus on any and all of the steps. In my view, really good coaching will help give a person the skills to successfully progress through all the steps on their own in the future.

Life coaching is:

    • a series of conversations, which involve
    • a collaborative process of raising awareness and deepening insight for the coachee,
    • which enables them to move forward and make change

What isn’t Life coaching?

  • Life coaching is not therapy. (They have similarities, but therapy tends to focus on overcoming the past, coaching is about the present and the future.)
  • Life coaching is not a coach telling you what to do with your life or ‘solving your problems’ for you.
  • Coaching is not formal education.

What can I expect from coaching?

From the process:

  • From the first session, we need to begin agreeing what areas of your life you want to change or improve on and what specific goals you might have in those areas. These stated goals and aims may change or be refined, but they will form the basis for each coaching conversation and the ongoing process.
  • Insights and learning can emerge as much between coaching sessions as they do in them.
  • You will learn and change at your own rate. Coaching unlocks a kind of magic which takes a little time to unfold.

From a session:

    • Ideally a coaching session will feel like a really great conversation in a comfortable setting with a friend who is deeply interested in helping you understand yourself and your situation and achieve what you are really seeking
    • The fundamental thing a coach does is listen attentively and ask good questions.

What you need to do:

  • Be open and committed to the coaching process, and the potential for change
  • Be honest with yourself and the coach
  • Enact any agreements made in the course of coaching