Pricing plans

I have three pricing plans:

The ‘Session by Session’ Plan

$150 per coaching session, as required and by agreement.

The maximum in flexibility. Perfect if you are working through an intensive period of change, and want weekly sessions. Or, you could be dealing with longer term deep change, and want to check in more sporadically, but have the security and connection of knowing the coaching relationship is established and can be re-engaged anytime.

Includes written summary after each session.

The ‘6 Month’ plan

$800 = 6 sessions, one a month for six months. (Saves $100 off 6 individual sessions.)

Perfect for when you are committed to seeing through change in your life. Much of the magic of coaching comes between sessions. The 6 month plan ensures you stay on track.

Includes written summary after each session, and access to me between sessions via email to ask questions related to your process.

The ‘One Big Decision’ Plan:

$250 = Up to two sessions.

Perfect for when you have one big decision to make, and you need to work through it.

If you are a highly organised professional person, you might not need ongoing coaching. You may well be coming in with one very clearly defined problem to solve or decision to make. In this case, chances are we will resolve the issue in one good long session.

So the One Big Decision package is simple:

$250 for a maximum two sessions (if required) to work through the one big decision or issue.

If the problem is not resolved or the decision made, you don’t pay.

If, on examination, the issue turns out to be more complicated, or you just want to continue with coaching and focus on other matters, then we can switch to an ongoing plan as above.