My Life Coaching Style

My personal approach to life coaching is based on integrity and honesty. This runs throughout my character and the way I am doing business ā€“ for instance, my approach to pricing.

My life coaching style is relaxed and informal. A good coaching conversation should feel like a great conversation with a close friend. My stlye has been described as gentle curiousity.

Essentially, I seek to understand my coachees and what is going on for them. I do this by listening attentively and asking questions. The real art is the questions. The right question at the right time unlocks new pathways in the coachee’s mind, and the seeds of change are planted. The main metric I have developed for how well I am doing is the number of times when I ask a question the coachee has to stop, visibly go inside themselves, and think in a new way.

Basically, it is like you are walking down the path of your life, and my job is to help you find alternate paths you can go down, so that you can choose a great path. I can help you see the possibilities but you have to make the decisions and walk your own path.

My perspective is that meaning in life comes from deep connection to our true selves and engaging in the world in a way that satisfies our true self. It is possible to achieve many goals in life, but never satisfy our true selves. My insight is that the way we achieve our goals matters.

My personal style is greatly informed by my own research and writing and experience with consciousness change. In my style of coaching, at every stage of the process, I teach you to apply increasing awareness (of your self, your habits, your actions and their results in the world, and of what you really want) and conscious engagement (acting with intention and awareness.) These skills will serve you well long after our coaching is finished. In my view, really good coaching gives a person the skills to successfully progress through all the steps on their own in the future. My goal is, via increasing awareness and conscious engagement, to teach you to tune in to inner compass or touchstone that guides your decisions and actions in accordance with your authentic self.

(I also particularly like the collaborative coaching style. This assumes that the coachee knows better than the coach what they really want and need; the coach is there to help them realise what that is.)

My style is also extremely flexible. There is no one size fits all approach. I will do whatever it takes to engage with my clients where they are at and figure out what works for them. Ultimately, what matters is that it works, and the client is satisfied. There are no rules, just what works for a specific person.

Fun is also quite central to my style. Change is easier when you are laughing.