Why life coaching, life hacking, and engaging with a changing world?

My interests are many and varied. Life coaching is one expression of them.

Through coaching I help people gain breakthrough insights which let them take decisive action to create a life they love in accord with their deep values and truest nature. I help passionate people tune in and realign their life and actions to make a better world, while making a better life for themselves, and growing spiritually.

Life hacking refers to synthesizing and adopting tools and techniques from all over the place to live smarter and better.

Engaging with a changing world is about skills relating to adaptation.

Adaptation is the forgotten driver of evolution. As our environment changes – and it is, faster than ever, through the actions of humanity and technological change – we must adapt to those changes. The more consciously we engage with those changes, the better.

So the blog and resources on this site will focus on where life coaching, life hacking, and adaptation meet.