Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant


I am an Independent Marriage Celebrant based in Wellington. This means I am registered with the NZ government as a marriage celebrant, and able to perform weddings and civil unions in New Zealand, but as an independent I am not affiliated with any particular religious group. While I am based in Wellington I can travel anywhere in NZ for your wedding.

I became a celebrant because some friends asked me to do a ceremony for them. Doing it was great fun, and more people have asked me to do weddings, so I’ll keep doing them.

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life. Your wedding should be memorable.

But, to be honest, I barely remember many of the wedding ceremonies I have been to. The ceremonies themselves were sort of pleasant, and what you would expect, with the usual sort of platitudes, and officiated over by a nice enough lady in their fifties.

I think we can do way better than that!

If you want a completely traditional church wedding there are plenty of people to do traditional church weddings. I have no idea how those work.

The thing is, from a legal point of view, in order to get married all you have to do is get a marriage licence, say a couple of lines, with witnesses and celebrant present, fill out the paperwork, and you are married. Beyond that, a wedding or civil union ceremony or service can be absolutely anything you want. Neat, eh?

So, what do you want your wedding to be? Let’s make it that! I have no preconceptions or agenda. Let’s make it fun, easy, and a deeply authentic expression of who you are. What does getting married mean to you? What does this commitment represent to you? Let’s find out, and make a ceremony which captures that.

Let me say it again. Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life. Your wedding ceremony should be a wonderful expression of your coming together as two unique personalities into a unique love. It should also be stress free, smooth and professional – you should have total confidence that your ceremony is going to be special and go off without a hitch. I can help with all of that.

Who am I, and why am I a great marriage celebrant?

I am mature, calm, easy-going, and creative. As a life coach, I am used to talking to people, listening and asking questions to discover who they are deep down and what is really going on for them, and helping them make their lives more awesome.

I am a writer. I will work with you to craft an awesome unique ceremony that expresses who you are, and what this joining together means to you.

I have designed performance art ceremonies and run them at arts festivals.

Here is a photo from one. (Your wedding probably won’t look like this!)

Performance art ritual I designed and ran at the 2010 Kiwiburn festival

For five years I was a vocalist in a band. I’m an introvert but  if required I can turn it on and put on a show, so to speak. I have done numerous public talks.

And I am regarded by my community as a wee bit wise and maybe even spiritual.

All of the above is why I was asked to be a celebrant at my first wedding.

All these skills combine to help me get to know you rapidly, and design a ceremony that expresses who you are and what you want your wedding to be. It can be as creative and wild as you like. Or it can be completely simple and straightforward, just well crafted and well worded. The point is it can be whatever you want it to be, and I can help you make it that.

How does it work?

1. Initial no obligation half hour consultation. See if I am the right person for your ceremony. Talk through the process. Agree on a fee.

2. You get a marriage licence, listing me as your celebrant. You set a date, and arrange the rest of the wedding.

2. We have a meeting or two, I get to know you both, discover what kind of ceremony you want, and unearth what I need to know from you to create that ceremony.

3. I write and design the ceremony, send it to you for feedback, and make any tweaks as required.

4. If requested I am potentially available for a wedding rehearsal.

5. We all turn up on the day, do a great ceremony, sign the legal paperwork, I file the paperwork, and you’re married!

Contact me at if you want to talk about how to make an amazing wedding day.


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