Life coaching: do you need your life to change?


Do you need your life to change?

Are you afraid you will never get what you want from life?

Do you know where you want to be but not how to get there?

Do you know you are capable of something more?

Then you are in the right place.

If you have the genuine need for change, I can help you gain breakthrough insights which will let you confidently take decisive action to transform your life into one you love.

Life coaching allows you, in a safe and confidential environment, to come to deeply know yourself and discover new possibilities for who you can become. As a life coach, I seek first to understand. Through a process of gentle curious questioning we will come to understand what is going on for you, what is important to you, and what you really want. And, once you deeply understand your habits and patterns, true desires and motivations, what you need becomes obvious. When you know what you really want, I support you to make the changes you need to in order to get it.

The key to achieving anything you want in your life is increasing awareness – of yourself, and the world – and engaging consciously with what you do each moment of each day. These insights developed over a decade of practical research into consciousness. These twin principles guide my questions as a coach, and as a result my coaching teaches exactly these skills.

While the heart of my coaching practice is helping insight and transformation arise in my clients, with change flowing naturally from that, I also sometimes offer specific behaviour changes via NLP (neurolinguistic programming) when they are useful and appropriate. NLP has many simple and powerful tools for achieving changes, and much writing about NLP focuses on the techniques themselves. I have been exploring and practicing NLP for over a decade and believe that the crucial and hidden part of NLP is correctly identifying the changes that need to be made, the changes that will have the effect you really want, to bring more joy and freedom into your life.

The coaching process identifies what changes most need to be made, and explores the effects of changes before we make them, so they can be made with confidence.


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Your life coach

Since life coaching is a relationship, you might like to know a little more about me. Hi! I’m Billy. Here is the short version:

After I graduated with a postgraduate degree in Psychology, my brother got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In the space of a few years I watched him go from healthy and brilliant at twenty-four to being wheelchair bound, brain-damaged and mentally ill. I know there are no guarantees in life.

While he was sick I helped look after him and spent my time teaching myself about more or less everything, in particular researching consciousness and self-change from many angles. Using a wide range of personal change methods, I came out of years of depression in my early twenties without ever being medicated. After my brother passed away I made a feature film, wrote several books, played in bands, and travelled the world. I know just how much we can change, and have learned a huge amount through the experience. Life is amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next! (Recently, I became a wedding celebrant.)

I passionately believe that the best thing we can do for ourselves and the world is to tune into and live our genius. Part of my genius is helping others find theirs. Since 2013 I have been life coaching. I have had all kinds of clients, and particularly enjoy working with passionate people who want to make the world a better place while they make their life better and grow spiritually.

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You may be wondering…
  • Where are you?

I am based in Wellington, New Zealand, and see clients here in person.

Via Skype, Zoom or other online video call software, I take clients from anywhere in the world (and those from elsewhere in New Zealand, particularly Auckland).

  • Does it work?

Yes, my coaching works. See my testimonials.

  • What does it cost? Is it a waste of my money?

When you work with me, you decide what to pay based on the extent to which the coaching is raising your awareness, deepening your insight, and helping you make changes in your life. Since you only pay according to the value you feel you are receiving, you can’t be wasting your money.

One caveat to that: one subset of my clients are highly organised professionals with one big decision or issue to work through. If this is you, head over to the pricing page to see my offer for that situation.

  • Are you qualified?

I have a BSc (Hons, First Class) in Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington.

The life coaching industry is unregulated in New Zealand – as it is in most of the world – as is giving out life coaching qualifications! Some qualifications take only a weekend or a week to get. Others may take a month or a year or two, yet some barely have any practical component. I can’t tell the difference. Can you? (NLP is similarly unregulated.)

The life coaching industry has emerged over the past twenty years from people who taught themselves and then wrote about their practices. Like the founders of the discipline, I am self-taught, from my own research into consciousness and experience in self-change. I have been practicing since late 2013 with excellent results. I love doing it and do it well.

The real question is: who is the right coach for you, right now?

So while I have no formal coaching qualification I think it is easiest for you to decide for yourself if I am the right coach for you. Here are two ways to help with this.

First, obviously the best way to discover this for yourself is for us to meet and talk, so the first session with me is free. Second, as a sample of my style and approach, when you sign up to my mailing list, or make contact with me for a free first session, I will send you a short ebook, Ten Questions to Change Your Life. The questions it contains are powerful, and some of my favourites.

  • Life coaching is a relationship. What if we just don’t gel?

Rapport is crucial. While I was a Psychology postgraduate, I studied what worked in therapy. What it comes down to is rapport between client and therapist. If there is no rapport, the therapy generally fails. Where there is rapport, the therapy generally works.

While coaching is different from therapy, the importance of rapport is the same.

When you hire a life coach you want to be sure they are the best life coach for you. I offer the first session free largely to discover if we have the rapport – exactly that sense of pleasurable ease with each other – which will make for successful coaching.

Any more questions? You can find many more answers to questions about my coaching here.

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To recap, here is my offer:

  •  a) make contact for a free session, or sign up and receive a free ebook, “Ten Questions to Change Your Life.”
  •  b) the first coaching session is free (to establish that we have rapport and can work together successfully)
  • c) for all further sessions you pay according to the value you feel you are receiving.


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I honestly believe if you have the genuine need for change I can help you live your genius. Your genius is your unique combination of talents and insight. Living your genius is applying that in life in the way that only you can.

I believe that the best thing you can do for yourself, and the world, is to tune into and live your genius. Life coaching is one means to do this, and I am passionate about this calling.

I cannot wait to see what you can do when you are living your genius!

Email me right now to book a free first session.

Or, sign up to receive your free ebook.